Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas In Killarney

Well it that time of year again. I was walking through town last week and saw one of Killarneys famous horses with a bright red nose, no it wasn't because he forgot his hat or was in need of a lemsip. It was one of Killarney's many events going on over Christmas.

The christmas in Killarney brochure is jam packed this year. As a father myself I would have to say its great to be able to ramble around town on an afternoon and have reindeer in one corner, sleigh rides (with our above mentioned horse) going on all around us and of course the mountains of sweets and various types of candy available along the streets (for the kids of course).

Also there is a number of great concerts and functions going on over the Christmas period. There are some fantastic Irish bands playing over the festive period from Imelda May to The Saw Doctors and to kick of the New Year in mysterious fashion Keith Barry will be paying us a visit. Also for the kids Bob the Builder will be popping along to show demonstrate how to do those all important home improvements!

Santa will be calling to us on christmas eve and we have a long chimney so our chefs will be putting out an extra helping of cookies for the man in the big red suit. Also the chefs here at the Brehon have some wonderful homemade Jams and Christmas Puddings available at the reception. I have personally tested them all and I can confirm they are simply delicious!

I wish you all a very happy & warm Christmas and a delightful & prosperous new year.

Best of Seasons Wishes

Danny McClure 
Guest Relations Manager

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Tasty Tips from The Brehon

Christmas Tasty Tips from The Brehon


By Head Chef Mike Hayes

Here at the Brehon kitchen, preparations for our Christmas menus started quite a few weeks ago.
From pudding basins to jam jars, our team of chefs have been busying themselves with their annual tasks of soaking fruits, making preserves and relishes, and generously pouring the liquor over our rich, fruity Christmas Puddings.
It is our pleasure to lend a hand to our blog followers in their efforts this Christmas, and our team of chefs, led by head chef Mike Hayes present you with these tips to make this Christmas a special one for you and yours.

The Starter

We all know what happens after Christmas dinner. After eating the equivalent of a small Victorian banquet, plonked on the sofa, unable to even reach for the remote, we are left pondering that same old question as last year- Why did I have that second bowl of trifle?
With this in mind it is sensible to keep your Christmas Day starter as light an easy as possible.
Seafood is always a popular choice as a prequel to the annual turkey roast, and whether you decide on smoked salmon, delicious Irish crab meat or fresh local prawns, for even the most unadventurous of home-cooks, it’s hard to go wrong. As a great alternative to those frozen supermarket shrimp from the North Sea, how about calling to your local fishmonger in the run up to Christmas, and ordering a kilo or two of fresh Irish prawns. Your fishmonger will do all the shelling for you, leaving you with the simple task of blanching the prawns in some salted boiling water, chilling in ice-water, then tossing them in the dressing of your choice.

The Roast

The turkey is probably the part of the Christmas meal that causes the chef the most stress.
Timings and checking the doneness of the bird can be quite tricky, and this can result in an over or undercooked turkey.
Why not take the stress out of the day and ask your butcher to bone out your turkey. Have your butcher stuff and tie the legs, leaving you with a much quicker and easier task on Christmas Day.
Because the legs will take a little longer to cook, wrap them in foil and place them in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for about 2.5 hours.
The breast will cook far quicker than a whole bird and will result in far moister and juicier meat.
Brush the meat with a little butter and season with sea salt and black pepper before roasting at 180°C. The general rule of thumb for cooking poultry is 20 minutes per pound weigh, so if the breast is 4lb weight it should be cooked in 80-90 minutes.

The Pudding

Here at the Brehon we love our Christmas pudding. Over the course of the month our team will steam over 1000 plum puddings for 3 ½ - 4 hours.
The method is simple but it is important to follow the steps carefully.
Using quality dried fruits is essential to the success of your pudding, and good quality liquor provides a richness of taste that will not go unnoticed.
Soak the fruits for at least a day before making your pudding.
The important points to remember are as follows: cream the butter and sugar well, add the eggs slowly to the mixture to avoid curdling, and cover well to avoid steam getting into your pud.
Plum Pudding Recipe ( makes 1 2lb pudding)
100g Raisins
50g Sultanas
50g Dry Cranberries
50g Mixed Peel
50ml Dark Rum
65g Butter
50g Brown Sugar
1 Orange Zest
40g Breadcrumbs
20g Plain Flour
20g Self-Raising Flour
1 Tspn Mixed Spice

Monday, 5 December 2011

The Brehon Christmas Tree Party in aid of St Vincent De Paul

The Brehon Christmas Tree Party
In aid of St Vincent de Paul
Thursday, December 8 at 5pm

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at The Brehon, Killarney where they are currently putting the finishing touches on their magnificent thirty-foot-tall Christmas Tree.
Santa Claus will take time out from his busy schedule to visit the hotel for a special party on Thursday, December 8 at 5pm when he will turn on the Christmas lights.
Children big and small are invited to attend The Brehon Christmas Tree Party to meet Santa and to see the giant tree for themselves. There will be tasty treats and lots of surprises in store.    
The Brehon Christmas Tree party is being organised in aid of St Vincent De Paul and anyone who wishes to donate to this worthy cause can bring new or unused toys to The Brehon on December 8 or make a cash donation on the day.
For further information contact The Brehon on 064 6630700.